Continuous InteractionMake My LMS for your faculty and trainers.

An active learning environment where students can continuously interact and collaborate with each other. They can do so privately, in groups and in discussion forums. They may be alone, but always connected to a larger community.

Continuous Interaction

Increased SatisfactionBlended Learning is self-paced and hence it reduces stress and increases satisfaction for the faculty because they have to deal with slow and fast learners at the same time.
Instant FeedbackBlended Learning allows instant feedback. This helps the faculty to tailor the teaching methods for each student, as per the feedback, which improves efficiency.
More Effective InteractionsThere are more effective interactions between the learners and the faculty through the use of emails, discussion boards, and chat rooms.
Examples and ResourcesFaculty can supplement the lessons with a wide range of examples and resources found online, in real-time, leading to enhanced learnings.
Track & AssessIt makes it easier for the faculty to track and assess every student’s learning and development.

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