University LMSA custom blended solution with a flexible learning hierarchy and continuous student assessments for a comprehensive higher education solution

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We are a Customised Enterprise Learning Solution that deploys the latest digital learning techniques. Your students are assured of an interactive and immersive learning experience with all the tools available for a university education. The communication, feedback and assessment features, created by our team of digital experts, ensure that your students are well ahead of their curriculum.

University LMS Features

Learning PlanOverview of the week/month sessions and the week/month Learning Objectives.
Facilitator GuidesThis helps faculty to plan and conduct their course.
Student GuidesThere is a section on Student guides wherein students can see the course objectives and what they are expected to do in the course, session wise, what case studies will be used, and what are the other reference material.
Concept NoteA concept note/ abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes in brief the entire course or some sessions. It is a summary of the course and a brief description of what the student will study in the course/week.
Learning CalendarThe calendar is a reminder for the learners and trainers for which date the assignment/any deliverable is due. By clicking on any date, the learner can see the deliverables for that date.
PresentationPresentations are an important component of adult learning. Our product allows for visually appealing presentations using standard themes and templates that can be placed on the Content Management System for seamless delivery.
Online LibraryAn Always-On online training library, which has a repository of reference books, journals, case studies and magazines, allows trainees to learn at their own pace. It also accepts a slew of content formats for custom training programs.
VideosIt is proven that Students grasp and retain better with visuals and videos. We allow for Video based course materials as well as teacher videos to be integrated within the courseware or from external sources such as YouTube.
Case Study RepositoryThe case method is an excellent way for students to learn new cognitive skills, as well as improve their analysis and evaluation skills. In working through case studies, business students are actively engaged in the process of abstracting basic principles from complex examples.
AssessmentsOur Assignments feature has built-in cut-off dates, accepts Word files, Powerpoints, videos, Submit to Dropbox and student feedback functionalities. In Discussion Forums students participate in groups and discuss case studies. Discussions can be evaluated by trainers and grades allotted. Finally, learners can be given MCQs to test their learning from the course.
Visual StoriesThis is a visual outline created using a story to explain a concept. Students are able to grasp difficult concepts faster when explained in the form of a story.
Teaching PlansAllows teachers to create and upload their individual detailed teaching plans to prepare students on what to expect during the course.
Additional Reading MaterialHere, the faculty can post additional reading material in the form of books, articles, journals, case studies etc., which students can refer to.
Grading and FeedbackThe trainer can define the grading criteria; the scale can be defined and the trainer can give detailed feedback for each component.
Student to Faculty feedbackAnother important component of teaching is to receive regular feedback from all stakeholders.

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