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You need a product that allows for flexibility and agility. A product that understands you and doesn’t need you to understand the product. Here is where we create active learning experiences along with live feedback and regular assessments for a continuous learning outcome.

Online Coaching

Live Video TeachingIntegrated Video streaming utility for all Trainers to take private classes and with the option of face to face teaching and Live Class Recording where sessions can be recorded and made available under the same course on the LMS.
Online LibraryAn Always-On online training library, which has a repository of reference books, journals, case studies and magazines, allows trainees to learn at their own pace. It also accepts a slew of content formats for custom training programs.
Active ClassroomsTools to enable collaborative learning environments by facilitating peer to peer interactions on the platform. Including Break-out rooms, private chat channels, student polls and feedback, discussion forums, interactive calendar and integration with virtual laboratories and AR-VR environments.
Pre and Post AssessmentWe allow for Pre-Assessment to determine students' knowledge, skills, or dispositions before an academic program and provide baseline data for each student. As students make progress, our Post-Assessment tracking will continually gauge how the learning outcomes have been met and showcase the students’ progress over the duration of the program.
Training GuidesOur Training Guides can be adapted to suit individual training styles. Also as close monitoring is always not possible, we allow for standardized instructions on how to handle questions, how to create collaborative conversations and discuss case studies, which goes a long way in achieving the desired outcomes.
Grading and FeedbackThe trainer can define the grading criteria; the scale can be defined, and the trainer can give detailed feedback for each component.

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