Live ClassroomGet your own branded live classroom with all the other features of virtual education.


Live ClassRoom

Content IntegrationThis enables sharing the full screen or a select application while providing training or any other external video directly into the digital classroom. It includes pause and play functions and features to upload presentations and images including live annotation of text/images to explain concepts.
White BoardWhite Board equips the instructors with writing tools which he can use to draw, zoom, highlight or write on presentations during live sessions, thus helping them give proper explanations to remote students.
Multi-user White boardThis feature allows multiple participants to use the whiteboard simultaneously. Presenters can turn-on and turn-off the multi-user whiteboard anytime.
Raise HandStudents can raise hands and faculty can allow them to talk or ask their questions just like in a traditional classroom environment.
Real time Notes SharingThis enables all the users in a meeting to contribute to a common text input area. You can use formatting options and also export the shared notes later.
Student Test and FeedbackThis allows the Faculty to hold an instant MCQ Test or a Feedback poll and publish the results live during the session.
Public and Private chat roomsThese are for open or closed chats among students or teachers with students.
Breakout roomsThis function allows the Faculty to break students into groups.
Record Live ClassesLive classes can be recorded and placed under the same course on the platform.

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