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One of the greatest challenges of online learning is an active classroom. We need our teachers to be absolutely comfortable and without fear of the technologies involved. Make My LMS is easy to use with modern user interfaces and teaching enablers to achieve the desired learning outcomes. Effortless Content management, natural assignment delivery and an active classroom environment makes teaching energetic and alive.

K12 Learning Managment

Easy to Create and UploadOur unique drag and drop feature makes it very easy for teachers to upload content.
Subjective QuestionsOur platform accepts a plethora of subjective questions to hone the skills of the students.
Interactive Concept NotesTeachers can just copy, paste, and format their existing notes and make them available for students to read and understand the concepts. They may also embed a YouTube video or their own recorded video for a more interactive learning.
MCQsWe have a huge pre-developed grade wise question bank which enables our teachers to just pull out a set of questions from these question banks and publish a quiz in seconds. Teachers can add their own questions as well.
In-Course AssignmentTeachers can upload and deliver assignments with a defined date of submission. We also support online grading.
Student AttendanceThe system is self-capable of recording detailed student attendance, time when student logged in, time spent on each course, activity viewed/attempted.
Offline Audio LecturesTeaches can very easily record lectures directly on to our platform, automatically embed these lectures into the courseware, for the system to make available for all course participants.
Interactive Practice ActivitiesThere are concepts in the curriculum that can best be explained by way of interactive questions. Experiential learning goes a long way in clearing doubts in the minds of students.
Active ClassroomsTools to enable collaborative learning environments by facilitating peer to peer interactions on the platform. Including Break-out rooms, private chat channels, student polls and feedback, discussion forums, interactive calendar and integration with virtual laboratories and AR-VR environments.
E-LibraryA full library of books both from NCERT and reference books, plus short Videos that explain complex concepts allows for more efficient processing and memory recall. The visual and auditory nature of videos appeals to students and allows them to process information in a way that is natural to them.
Student HandoutThere is a section on Student guides wherein students can see the course objectives and what they are expected to do in the course, session wise, what case studies will be used, and what are the other reference material.
Collaborative LearningProvides lots of features for learning together with your classmates with the help of different types of discussion forums such as in-course glossaries, live chat, group discussions, and much more.
Interactive Learning CalendarThe calendar is a reminder for the learners and trainers for which date the assignment/any deliverable is due. By clicking on any date, the learner can see the deliverables for that date.
GlossaryHaving a Glossary ensures students have an accurate source for all definitions and words.

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