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Feature Highlights

Customized Site BrandingWe provide customized branding for your own school/college. Your personal logo, banners and images will be incorporated into your LMS, making it unique.
Collaborative LearningIt provides lots of features for learning together with your classmates with the help of different types of discussion forums such as in-course glossaries, live chat, group discussions, and much more.
Digital ClassroomDigital Classrooms enable tutors to engage with learners using interactive chat (both public and private), whiteboard controls (text, drawing etc.), multi-user whiteboards (everyone can write on the whiteboard), and pre-uploaded presentations (PowerPoint, PDF, images etc.), combined with shared notes, emojis, instant testing and breakout rooms.
Customised Course DeliveryThe content flexibility and hierarchy of the platform helps in creating a learning portfolio suited to your institution’s learning pedagogy. In addition, uploading files to your courses is even easier than sending a mail, you just have to use drag and drop to upload almost all file formats including MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, notepad and many others.
Integrated MultimediaWe provide built-in media support which enables you to integrate videos and e-learning content from various platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest etc.
Progress TrackingTeachers and students can track completion and progress and with an array of options for tracking individual activities or resources and at course level.
Online ExaminationsOur learning engine is comprehensively enabled with Student Assessments. There are Pre-Assessment engines, which score student ability ahead of the learning process, as well as Continuous Assessments that include interactive tests with each lesson. There are also Module level Assessments and Quizzes with a final Course Completion Certificate, which is saved online on their profile and can be downloaded as a pdf or image. It can also be verified online for authentication.
Online Active ClassroomsStudents come together and interact with each other via the private chat, discussion forums and other shared learning features. Teachers can conduct student polls, get instant feedback, shoot a quiz question. They can also motivate students by creating activities supported by rewarding Badges to performing students.
Assignment GradingConveniently assign grades and ratings to students on their submitted assignment, you can apply aggregates and even rubric grading if required.
Peer AssessmentBuilt-in activities such as surveys encourage students to view, grade and assess their own and other students’ work as a member of a group.
Training CalendarCalendars can be populated as per different events like training session, exam schedules, assessment submissions and discussion sessions. Event alerts can be shown on dashboard, emailed or sent by SMS.
Alerts and NotificationsIf enabled, students can receive automatic notifications for any upcoming or pending activity like assignments or classes. Any new submission on discussion forums sends private messages to each member of that forum.
Easy to use InterfaceDesigned to be responsive on almost every browser, it works well on mobile browsers and we provide mobile APP to be downloaded from official APP stores. With the capability to learn on the go and to fight with lower bandwidth issues, our Mobile APP provides a download feature for the complete course that can be used offline as well.
100% SecureWe keep on updating our LMS with latest security patches as per updated security protocols, that include authentication policies, end to end encryption of data, and software level security to help keep data confidential & secure. We also provide guarantees on data storage, maintain daily data backups, and backups of data on multiple devices.
Easy to AdministerWe provide multiple authentication methods and features to divide responsibilities at different levels like Managers, Sub-Administrators and Administrators.
External IntegrationYou can freely integrate external applications with your platform by using different available plugins. We also build customized plugins to fulfil any particular requirements.
Technical SupportWe provide live training sessions and tutorial videos to learn different LMS features quickly and provide live support over email and phone.
Reporting and Logs GenerationYou can have access to various textual as well as graphical reports to measure the performance of your faculty, student, and the overall organization.
Managing GroupsTutors can create multiple groups within their course and assign coursework and tests accordingly.

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